SPY Spring 2022

We are all in the midst of yet more adjustments! We will be having SPY this spring- with combinations of in-person, outside and digital activities. As the situation changes, we will adjust our schedules accordingly. We want to be sure we are following smart advice and doing what we can to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are almost through this stage of pandemic and I can’t wait to get back to our regular programming!

Sunday, January 9: Sunday School 9:30, Footloose play auditions 1-4pm; SPY in Stockstill 4-5:30pm (no dinner)

Sunday January 16: Sunday School 9:30am, SPY Time TBD

Wednesday, January 20: SPY Bible Study 7:00pm Stockstill Hall

Sunday, January 23: 9:30am Sunday School; 4:00-5:30pm SPY CHOPPED! Contestants will cook in their own kitchens and compete over zoom to see who is the best chef under pressure! Email Laura to be a competitor!

Wednesday, January 27: SPY Bible Study 7:00pm

Sunday, January 30: SPY SKI DAY. Families will meet at Cataloocheee Ski resort in Maggie Valley NC for a day of skiing. Please register by signing up AT THIS FORM HERE

February 6, 13, 20 & 27: SPY Meets

February 2, 9, 16, 23: SPY Bible Study Meets

SPY Parents corner

Resources for parenting- articles, videos, and reflections

SPY and Sunday School this year will be spending a lot of time talking about identity- who are we and who do we want to be, and especially what does it mean that we are part of this faith community as it relates to who we are? We’ll ask some of these questions head -on, and we will get at some of these by exploring some Biblical characters and watching their identities and characters change as they interact with their creator and a faith community. To start our year though, here are some articles and videos discussing the basics of adolescence and identity formation.

Identity Formation

Identity resources: Good article on teenage identity process- click HERE

Video on Eric Erikson’s stages of identity throughout life : click HERE

Teen specific stage of pyscho-social development-Identity formation: click HERE

Video on Dr. James Marcia’s theory of Identity Development: click HERE

Introduction to Psychology chapter “Adolescence: Developing Independence and Identity”: click HERE

Social Media Articles

Good short article on Social Media “Challenges” and why they have so much influence. click HERE

Social Media’s influence on mental health and identity formation: click HERE

Good perspective from young women on how to best navigate Instagram for teenage girls in particular: HERE

“This American Life” radio show by Ira Glass on “Finding The Self in Selfie” Note there is a “bleeped” version that removes profanity : FOUND HERE

Mental Health and Brain Biology

Article on Pediatrician’s concern for current state of Children and Teen Mental Health; CLICK HERE

Ways that Social Media uses dopamine to its advantage: CLICK HERE

Psychology and Social Media: CLICK HERE

How the Pandemic has affected teens and Mental Heath: CLICK HERE

“Three Signs Your Teen Needs Therapy” CLICK HERE

Canterbury Counseling through Christ Church/the Episcopal Churches of Upstate SC: Click HERE

Dealing with Teen Moods

Is your teen moody and taking it out on you? Don’t feel alone : CLICK HERE

How does the teen brain grow and what that means for decision making: CLICK HERE

Good Housekeeping article on managing Teen Anger: CLICK HERE

Teens and Anxiety: CLICK HERE

Teenage girls and anxiety tips: CLICK HERE

Faith Resources

A 2020 comprehensive study on today’s teens and their religious beliefs- spoiler alert: parents have huge influence! CLICK HERE

When your teen questions going to church: CLICK HERE

Good article on parenting and faith in the teenage years: CLICK HERE

Podcast on teenagers, anxiety, and faith :CLICK HERE

Youth and Schooling post pandemic

Good article about school and resiliency messaging: CLICK HERE

Students are behind due to covid, especially in math: ARTICLE HERE

10 Self Care Tips for Parents (You need to be healthy too!) CLICK HERE

Video resources from VirtualSC Schools (Test prep, studying, etc): CLICK HERE

Learning Hubs help catch students back up: CLICK HERE

Gun Violence resources

Gun Violence Presentation

On Sunday, Feb. 16th SPY gathered to take some time to talk through the subject of gun violence, particularly school gun violence and prevention ideas.

We were thankful to have Mark Ouellette lead us through some informative time concerning active shooters. His presentation can be found in Powerpoint form here:

Active Shooter – Episcopal Church Mark Ouellette

Also joining us was school counselor Lauren Wilhoit, who gave us a great presentation on stress, anxiety and great ways to handle them, especially around the topic of gun violence. Her presentation can be found here:

St. Peter’s presentation- Lauren Wilhoit

And we spent some time in smaller groups having some conversation about these topics following the questions here:

Safety and Stress Discussion Questions (1)

Thanks to all who participated and led our time together. Knowledge is power and hopefully having some time to discuss these things will help us all deal with them.

Exploring what it means to be a body of transformation